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As an active Crisis Negotiator since 2006, the experience gained dealing with Persons In Crisis has run the gamut from suicidal individuals to hostage takings. The common thread in all these situations has been active listening skills and negotiators who care and want to see a peaceful resolution to all these incidents.

If your organization deals with people, Negotiations Canada has something to offer. Whether Law Enforcement, Military, Medical, Labour or any other field, your client or Person In Crisis wants to know that they’re talking to a calm professional who has their best interests in mind.

We Can Help.

Our staff are trained and tested Crisis Negotiators from various backgrounds.

Some services offered by Negotiations Canada:

  • Keynote Speakers for conferences

  • Breakout Speaker

  • Seminars on communicating with different types of Persons In Crisis. From suicidal to simply scared or confused. It’s not always life or death.

We offer seminars tailor made to your organization to give you the best chance at achieving a win-win situation.